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Nonpartisan Team Forms to Investigate State’s Role in Former Torture Program

The North Carolina Commission of Inquiry on Torture (NCCIT), recently launched as a nonpartisan, nongovernmental body made up of 10 commissioners, will be investigating the role this state played in US policies of “enhanced interrogation” and torture following the attacks of September 11. Attorney Frank Goldsmith, a co-chair of the committee, explains the commission’s purpose and goals in today’s News & Observer. The investigation will include an inquiry into the “extent to which North Carolina state resources and tax dollars were used to facilitate and support the U.S. torture…   Continue Reading »

A Lesson in Political Maneuvering: UNC Board of Governors

The new legislative reconfiguration of the University of North Carolina Board of Governors from 32 members to 24 is but a shadow of the 100-member board that existed before a 1971 reconfiguration. Rob Christensen, in the March 18 News & Observer, offers colorful details of that historic change and its place in the state’s higher education history.

Comprehensive Look at NC Abortion Legislation Released by ACLU/NC

The North Carolina chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union has released a report on legislative action in this state that affects a woman’s access to legal abortion. The chapter’s research indicates that since 2010, “North Carolina lawmakers have enacted more abortion restrictions than they did in the previous 40 years combined.” Here is the report: “Undue Burdens: A History of North Carolina Abortion Restrictions.”  The report concludes with a list of resource organizations.  

Election Law “Power Grab” Ruled in Violation of State Constitution

A three-judge panel unanimously ruled today that the NC Legislature’s special-session legislation in late 2016 merging the State Board of Elections with the State Ethics Commission violates the state Constitution. The ruling, according to an article from Election Law Blog, held that the Legislature’s attempt to “change the nature of elections boards in the state to help favor Republications” was unconstitutional, violating “the separation of powers clause, the executive powers clause, and the faithful execution clause.” The same three-judge panel (two Democratic and one Republican),…   Continue Reading »

Coastal Ban on Plastic Bags Under Attack

‘”Our retailers, large and small, have indicated that they do not want to see this ban repealed,”‘ says a post on the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce website, as quoted by the Coastal Review Online in an article concerning legislation that would repeal a ban on use of plastic bags by retailers on the Outer Banks. The bill (HB 271) was introduced by Rep. Beverly Boswell, R-Dare, with Reps. John Bell (R-Wayne) and John Bradford (R-Mecklenburg) as additional primary sponsors. The letter-reduction ban was one of the first…   Continue Reading »

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