Coaching the Lawmakers

UNC champion basketball coach Roy Williams scored a classy three-pointer when he spoke before the NC General Assembly recently, as reported in The Herald-Sun on May 5. The reprint of a Fayetteville Observer editorial noted that Williams, at a joint session of the Legislature held to honor his NCAA championship team, took the microphone to talk for a moment about sacrifices “toward a common goal.”

“What you do to help our state is the most important thing going on,” Williams was quoted as explaining to the august elected body. “We need you to reach across the aisle to work together as a team.”

The editorial went on to note that a recent statewide poll found that only 28 percent of voters contacted approve of how the General Assembly is doing its job, with 54 percent disapproving. The editorial’s conclusion, after examining other polling data: “Voters don’t much like our state lawmakers and find themselves out of sync …. And even a non-politician like Roy Williams can see what the problem is.”

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