How I Became Politically Purple

purple doorOnce upon a time in once rural Wake County, there was a small country store called H.A. Holder’s. It was the gathering spot for the community, and politics was a staple. I would sit on my granddaddy’s knee (that very H.A. Holder) while the elders dissected government policies and personalities endlessly, just because it was so much fun to argue. Thus was born both my own lust for politics and my enjoyment of debate.

These were neighbors. Farm folk. Good people. They all respected each other, so the arguing was spirited but never mean. I learned something else from that. I learned to listen.

That was a long time ago. I live in a very different atmosphere of politics these days. There are fanatics to the right of me, and fanatics to the left of me. They do not argue. They do not debate. They do not listen. They follow their respective tractor beams and do not deviate from the ideological course they have set upon.

I have become lonely in the world of politics. I am not blue. Neither am I red. I am politically purple, with a desire to discuss the critical issues of our time with people who can listen and respond thoughtfully. You do remember thoughts, don’t you?


PPNC Managing Editor Nelda Holder is a freelance journalist and editor, currently based in Asheville, NC. Her career has included lengthy stints in print journalism as well as directorships of a public access media center and a communications graduate program. She is a native of North Carolina with multi-generational roots in its rich farmland.


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