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Jeopardizing Balance in the State’s Judicial System

By: Nelda Holder At a time when the state of North Carolina is under the judicial microscope for unconstitutional racial gerrymandering in its legislative redistricting, a new set of maps that scramble the state’s established judicial districts has received a loudly voiced “Slow down!” from various quarters. The new maps, released in a mid-summer tweet by Rep. Justin Burr of Albemarle (R-Montgomery/Stanly), reshape judicial lines across the state in ways that affect the entire court system. Judges and district attorneys may be running in different…   Continue Reading »

On the Efficacy of the NC Legislature’s “Special Sessions”

The following is a guest commentary by Jackson County writer Mark Jamison. Most of us would agree that the arbitrary exercise of government power is unsatisfactory. We want our institutions and bureaucracies to be, if not totally consistent, then at least predictable. Hopefully the rules we create both in how institutions operate and the regulations they promulgate lead to outcomes which, though perhaps disagreeable, are at least defensible, justifiable, and reasonable under the rubric known as the rule of law. We chafe when power seems…   Continue Reading »

General Assembly acts to restrict municipalities

Charlotte’s local ordinance offering legal protections for LGBT individuals was quashed by the North Carolina General Assembly yesterday in a far-reaching bill (HB 2) that has invalidated any municipal protections statewide for gays, lesbians, or transgender individuals. The bill, passed in a one-day special session and signed late last night by Gov. Pat McCrory, also prohibits cities or counties from enacting a minimum wage ordinances or requiring specific wage minimums or other practices from contractors. See full story here.

Just the Facts, Ma’am (and Sir)

The North Carolina General Assembly has been called to Raleigh for a special legislative session tomorrow, March 23, in advance of their planned regular session that begins in five weeks, on April 25. The stated purpose is to repeal an ordinance passed by the Charlotte City Council that allows transgender individuals to use public restrooms according to the gender with which they identify. Here are some facts to reflect upon in the Legislature’s hasty return to the capital city. Article I of the North Carolina…   Continue Reading »

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